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Family Ancestor Healing​​

Family Ancestral Healing is the eastern art of healing  to change inherited energy patterns (karma) from ancestors that affect the descendant’s  mental, emotional and spiritual balance. This healing method helps you understand the “DNA” link between you (the descendant) and your ancestors. The “DNA” link translates how we process our mind like our ancestors in the way we think, feel and act. The eastern concept of inherited negative patterns (karma) is scientifically known as genetic disease. Without awareness of these inherited negative patterns thru adulthood may lead to the (genetic) diseased state, i.e.: high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, mental illness, etc.   The Taoist wisdom “the way” helps us understand how “family karma” passed on for generations can be deeply reversed or released by simply healing our ancestors. A mind of deep gratitude to our ancestors achieves profound healing for both ancestors and descendants by releasing all negative karma of the past, and renewing the Karma for future generations to come.  

Finally, the descendant is free to pursue and master the true purpose of his/her Universe in this lifetime, for the higher purpose and  the greater good of all mankind. 

For more information and consultation call 917-806-1801

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