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Laura's Bio

Laura Abadsantos-Rogers is a health and wealth practitioner in New York City. She is a financial advisor with PlanMember Securities Corporation and President of LAS Financial Consulting, LLC in New York City. She has more than 30 years of experience in the financial industry, trained in the fields of investment securities, retirement, pension and estate planning & insurance for health, life and long-term care.

As a Holistic Financial Advisor, her seminar topics include “Strategies for A Stress-Free Approach to Financial Planning & Wealth Management.”

Laura is also a holistic and wellness practitioner who serves as the founder and director for the New York Ki Energy Wellness Center. She is a devoted volunteer Ki master (no salary or compensation) currently serving New York City and the Harlem community. Laura and her husband Tony are blessed with Kia (named after “Ki” meaning vital energy), who is now 20 years of age.

Due to cumulative stress, Laura developed chronic fatigue syndrome in 1997, a complicated breakdown of the immune system, for which there is no cure. In search of a holistic approach to her dis-ease, she discovered the Ki Energy Treatment (acupuncture without needles) and Ki Energy Meditation, which reversed all her symptoms. In gratitude, the holistic results of Ki Energy inspired Laura to share the natural and powerful healing experience with others.

In 1998, she completed her Ki Energy Master training in the mountains of South Korea to become the first Filipino American, Ki Master based in New York City. Since then, she has traveled worldwide including the U.S., the Caribbean Islands, and Europe, devoting herself in giving Ki Energy Lectures/Workshops for Stress Management, Wellness and Prevention. She introduced Ki Energy Programs to St. Luke’s / Mount Sinai Hospitals and medical doctors for Natural Prevention and Integrative Alternative Medicine.

Along with the group of Ki Masters, Laura (Master Ji) was instrumental in establishing Ki Centers in New York, Los Angles, San Francisco, Chicago, Connecticut, Vancouver, and London.

At age 46, Master Ji gave birth to Kia, naturally, which was evidently supported by the powerful results of Ki Energy, without the intervention of any drugs, epidural or episiotomy. Her holistic birthing experience created, “The Stress Management Program for Pregnant Women Workshop”.

From chronic fatigue to vital Ki Energy, Laura has learned to balance and harmonize her energy as a mother, wife, financial advisor, and a holistic practitioner; specializing in Ki Energy Healing, Homeopathy, Egoscue Musculoskeletal Alignment, Past Life Regression, Nutritional Guidance through Natural Supplements and other natural holistic remedies.

Laura studied homeopathy at the New York School of Homeopathy.

Laura also travels to the Philippines (her ancestral home) to integrate the scientific and powerful effects of Natural Wellness and Prevention with Allopathic Mainstream Medicine.

Laura’s mission is to honor life and your wellbeing or your whole self, to understand and manage the ways in which stress can interfere with your health and wellness, and how you can take responsibility for making natural alternative and effective choices for yourself, our families, our children and the greater good of all.

Laura is available for consultations, Ki Energy Holistic Workshops and Seminars.

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My New Lease on Life With Egoscue

There are 2 kinds of services; service to self and the other is Service to Others.

In my meditation, I received an energetic  download, an intuitive vibration from the Universe, that if I can help others, they will help me.

As an Energy Healing practitioner, light-worker or star-seed, I resonate & vibrate more towards servicing humanity, one individual at a time. In this calling, I am constantly reminded first, to fully nurture myself, in order to take care of others, and nurture each human being to wholeness.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with bi-lateral hip surgery.
I researched and discovered Egoscue musculoskeletal alignment for my double hip pain as an alternative to pain killers or hip joint surgery.
At the same junction, the Divine message was that finding a natural solution for my joint pain was also an experience I can pass on to help others manage their joint pain, like I did for myself. I discovered the book “Pain Free with Egoscue” which inspired me to help others with their joint pain naturally without the use of drugs & pain killers.
On the next day of my left hip surgery in 2018, the benefits of Egoscue ecises (short for exercises) allowed me to walk up & down the stairs.

In 2021, after my right hip surgery, I was able to walk up and down the stairs on the same day.

To this day, when I wake up, I do my Egoscue ecises every morning for musculoskeletal alignment, as well as my Gratitude Meditation to align with our Prime Creator, our Divine Guides & Masters and our Divinely Benevolent Ancestors.

In 2016, I studied with an Egoscue therapist and included the Pain Free with Egoscue program with the Ki Wellness, for like-minded holistic clients looking for natural ways to manage their joint pain and still maintain productive lives.
The Egoscue ecises (short for exercises) allowed me to understand that I created the joint pain in my body.

Over the years, we all create our own imbalance causing pain, sickness or dis-ease in our body based on our ego, negative mind, negative emotional patterns, acquired & inherited negative thought patterns. However, we were created in the likeness of our Prime Creator, God; therefore, as Co-Creators of the Supreme being, we have the innate power & abilities to re-create ourselves to natural wholeness in this lifetime.

Being in pain gave me a higher purpose because it allowed me to listen to my body, as well as my mind and my spirit, as a whole.
Egoscue is a language that taught me to understand that, not only is my body( my joints or musculoskeletal system) are misaligned, but also my mind & my spirit. Based on Egoscue’s musculoskeletal language, the mind or engine of the musculoskeletal system are the cartilage, tendons & muscles, not the bones. Thats why when athletes get injured, they don’t undergo joint surgery, they train their muscles, cartilage ,tendons, etc., to heal the joints, and to align with their whole musculoskeletal system.

I researched, explored & experienced Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Stem cell therapy, & Prolotherapy. My prolotherapy consultation confirmed that I could no longer grow & train my cartilage, tendons & muscles around my hip joint because I was bone-on-bone. After a very thorough consultation & analysis with Dr. Hauser’s Prolotherapy clinic, I was recommended that my last resort was to undergo a hip joint surgery.

My Bi-Lateral Joint Surgery Recovery

After My left hip surgery in march 2018, my goal was to go home the next day instead of staying in the hospital for 3 days. The next day, the therapist in the recovery room at the hospital made me walk up & down the stairs and I was able to go home to our 5 story townhouse.  I was able to walk up the stairs to my bedroom on the 3rd floor where I did my home therapy for 10 days, thereafter, walked to the out patient clinic for therapy every other day for 2 months. I was able to drive a car after 2 weeks.

I had my right hip surgery in 2021. On the same day, I was able to walk up and down the stairs to go home to our 5 story townhouse. My recovery was shorter than the first. After 1 week I was able to walk without the walker directly to using a cane.

 I never stopped doing my Egoscue exercises. In fact, I combined Egoscue all through the out-patient therapy, required by my surgeon.  

I attribute the wholeness (Mind Body Spirit) of my Bi-Lateral hip surgery speedy healing and recovery to Egoscue Musculoskeletal Therapy  and The Ki-Energy Wellness Program

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